It's nice to hear from the other side and dispel some of misconceptions that premeds hear often. In the last 2 1/2 years since I finished residency, my wife and I have traveled on vacation to: the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Iceland, Spain, Portugal, England, Grand Canyon, Martha's Vineyard, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Toronto, California road trip, Mackinac Island Michigan, South Carolina. In some places, it's really taken off. This marked about a 21.5% increase for PCPs from 2015, and about a 20% increase for Specialists. Focusing primarily on questions you couldn't answer the previous day?)? But you had your standard Halloween house party, ugly Christmas sweater party, etc. 3) Well, your typical "lifestyle" specialties are radiology, ophthalmology, anesthesia, dermatology. Edit: after your first year on contract, most jobs will transition you to production based salary. [–]hsmooth83[S] 33 points34 points35 points 3 years ago (2 children). With all other factors being equal, I'd choose the cheaper tuition 9 times out of 10. She's done everything from ER to family med and now soon to be urgent care. Also, would you have gone to a cheaper school, if you had the option - any regrets? I'm all for the AI train and post-scarcity, but if you think a physician's job is the first to go, I question your (not you, but all of these people who believe this) intelligence. So I worked really hard to get into med school and pass all my exams. [–]martyrfxGAP YEAR 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (1 child). Deeeeetroittttt basketballllllllll. Are you worried about doctors being obsolete some day w/AI? I probably do it for my co workers for free once a twice a week too. Is your wife a doctor as well? According to the Medscape Physician Compensation Report, in 2018, Primary Care Physicians in the United States earned on average $237,000, while Specialists earned $341,000. Medical Center is looking for BC/BE Internal Medicine & Family Medicine physicians to join the hospital staff. My gf and I would love to be traveling too but we can't due to school but knowing that your life is pretty easy once you get through it makes it all seem worth it. "Each day for me starts around 6:30 a.m. in the clinic. Did you have time in medical school/residency to have a little fun/meet new people or is it really the gloomy reality of "giving up your 20s" like everyone seems to say? When I step back and reflect on my life and career, yes. Description. Some cities and medical systems may prefer an IM, but I still know FM friends who are hospitalists in major cities. :), [–]hsmooth83[S] 11 points12 points13 points 3 years ago (0 children), [–]gotlactosePHYSICIAN 4 points5 points6 points 3 years ago (0 children). So I know this thread is intended for premeds, but I'm starting my PGY-1 year soon. I heard sports medicine isn't really competitive and it might help you make your way into an Ortho practice...similar to EM fellowship helping in ER. There are days here and there where I'm frustrated with the daily slog of patient care. Can i make up for that during med school or after med school when im practicing? 3) Radiology, Sports medicine, dermatology, ortho surg would probably be on my short list for other specialties. Or become medical director for some community programs. I was under the impression that in FM salaries above $200K were pretty rare, with about $170K being more common. One last question: Any FM fellowships that have higher employability potential than the others? I read in your other post you said you've been to so many places, I'd like to do that soon too. Congratulations on achieving what seems like an incredibly meaningful and peaceful life! Any thoughts on why or how you were able to get such a great rate as an American? Or start working in health policy. I probably averaged 2-3 hours of study each day on top of the studying for med school classes. If you're serious send me a message. Would you say that most physicians you see are happy? Some patients have actively seeked me out because they may have had some prior good encounters with DOs. The list goes on and on... [–]alkapwnee 9 points10 points11 points 3 years ago (1 child). For the most part, yes. It seems to be a trend now to practice with multiple other doctors. Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning, Biological Sciences, Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems, Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills, Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems, Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior. Do you feel like you are "the boss" at your current workplace? This anonymous family practitioner came out of residency in 2016 owing $375K in student loans. Any type of national or regional policy will have it's own problems as you know, you can't design a healthcare policy that works for everyone. Or learn how to dress nicely. On a day to day basis I feel like I practice how I want, but there are still over arching 'rules' you have to follow that are set forth by the higher ups. USA, family medicine, 3rd year out of residency. Also are FM not preferred as a hospitalist vs an IM? To ask a specific set of questions and click the right boxes in the patients charts to follow 'meaningful use' and get credit for doing certain things. I'm assuming hospitals would prefer an IM trained physician more in a metro area. Thanks so much for the insight; you're doing something wonderful for this community. Yeah, don't worry. Whether the repeal is good for the health of the general population or not, is a whole different discussion. [–]DMcCrayCrayUNDERGRAD 24 points25 points26 points 3 years ago (1 child). Apply to Medication Aide, Hospitalist, Assistant and more! Better than any YMCA, Anytime, etc. Was amazing. You may want to look up and read about the 'Direct Primary Care' model. They also are more curious and sometimes even want to learn a few osteopathic techniques for themselves. [–]hsmooth83[S] 3 points4 points5 points 3 years ago (2 children). Then why did you come see me in the first place? Hah now I fully feel like a motivational speaker. He's mastered the art of pulling pertinent information from a patient to devise the appropriate treatment plan while listening to the patients concerns, all in a time efficient manner. If you're open to working in smaller towns, you could probably find jobs that offer you contracts of $250k+ salary, $70k signing bonus, and pay up to $250k in student loans. Amplify Dr. Khoury's story and keep Kaiser's new medical school accountable. You'll be there for births and deaths and everything in between. [–]euclid4MS1 2 points3 points4 points 3 years ago (6 children). I bring home my work computer maybe once every 2 weeks to catch up on notes. I'm totally looking forward to life beyond residency now, although I still have to put a lot of thought into what specialty and/or practice setting I want to do after IM training. How comfortably were you able to answer attendings' questions, and what was your strategy for coming in prepared (scouring over First Aid every night? 2) I do OMM maybe once a week. However on the flip side, in my graduating med school class -- we matched into all sorts of specialties. Do you live comfortably? Political posts are not allowed unless explicitly related to premed. 3 years out in practice, I've cut down my loan debt to about $130k, while paying off my wife's entire $80k loans that were at high interest rates. It seems to be about average. One of the beauties of the specialty I see is the ability to run a small private practice. [–]spareanyexchangeREAPPLICANT :'( 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (3 children), That's so funny, I'm an American at a big Canadian school hoping to go back to the states after graduating. hey just a FP, how hard is it to land a hospitalist job? Just a few questions.. Or transition into administrative work. Physician depression, burnout, and even suicide is real. You're welcome! Length of the fellowship, salary, and details of curriculum (i.e. Kind of like what a direct primary care model is like. I personally don't feel worried about systems hiring PAs/NPs - but there should still be a good, ethical supervising physician overseeing things. I'm not sure if there is going to be any significant changes over the next few years that would affect you in terms of being a premed, med student, physician. [–]hsmooth83[S] 10 points11 points12 points 3 years ago (0 children). You're not going to escape paperwork no matter what specialty you're in. In no particular order: Thailand street food / food markets, Icelandic hot dogs, grilled Portugese lamb and pork. I'm in the midwest. Charleston Grill (#2 on Tripadvisor) We had the tasting menu (was pricey but sooooooooo delicious). A key component of being relentless is listening to the patient and understanding their situation by digging deeper into their stories. Not gonna lie, I feel like this can't really be happening to me sometimes. I just met with a new doctor yesterday and felt cut off from saying anything. - self diagnose or have consulted with Dr. Google ahead of time Is it relatively rare to make >300k/year as a family doc? It's not like you're a famous actor or professional athlete. 1) Where did you go to medical school? Saw them in my clinic. What are thoughts about the trend of family medicine salary rising? Their patients can come see you whenever they need to because you're not as busy as you would be working for a clinic. After 30 seconds explaining it to them, they're usually like 'ok, sweet! My wife is a physician assistant. It was all or nothing at that time. I'm a Family Med doctor, which is a field that most people have personal experience with, but gets a bad rap on SDN. My first week as a full time attending. The average starting salary for investment bankers, with bonus, is $114,000 and rises to $163,000 for third-year analysts. Those dang nerves branching off into all sorts of other nerves! If they did I'd tell them to just come in and see me. Why can't I see my post? For the most part, patients don't know the difference. I definitely feel a super cut throat pre med environment here, [–]spareanyexchangeREAPPLICANT :'( 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (1 child), [–]juiceup17UNDERGRAD 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (1 child). [–]hsmooth83[S] 13 points14 points15 points 3 years ago (5 children). Paperwork, dealing with crappy insurance policies, doing chart notes, difficult / annoying / smart ass patients / drug seekers. # of patients whose diabetes is well controlled, well controlled hypertension, % of people getting their cancer screening done, etc). It's a given. [–]billythegruffgoat 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (2 children). On my last contract I successfully negotiated an extra $30k of salary / bonus. This subreddit is not a place to spam your blog or solicit business. I understand it's highly variable depending on personal preference, employer, region, culture, etc., but I just want to get a ballpark idea. It was also the time when I met my wife. Louisville, Kentucky 3. I was half-joking, but that's awesome that you'd actually let me shadow. New Zealand. Your post-residency life sounds like my dream... [–]hsmooth83[S] 6 points7 points8 points 3 years ago (4 children). So I make sure to take some personal vacation time every 2-3 months to recharge. 2) In first year med school, anatomy and anatomy lab was pretty difficult. A lot of days I get 0 phone calls. $208,284. Phitsanulok and Chiang Mai. He provides full-spectrum family medicine care including maternal/fetal care and obstetrics, screening and diagnostic endoscopy and a wide variety of other clinic and hospital-based procedures. I even failed Step 2 once. At what age did you know you wanted to go into medicine, and why? However, when you find the one job that is the best fit for you, diplomacy is paramount to ensuring a smooth interview and negotiation process. Volunteered at the hospital doing non-clinical things. It's better to say you don't know than to take a wild guess or act like a know-it-all med student. As you can imagine, some physicians may be more swayed by the dollar and subsequently patient care may suffer. Will you be able to make a big enough difference in the time spent with each patient this way? If anything, I've had some elderly patients who actually ended up seeing another physician because they saw how young I looked and preferred a more 'experienced' physician. Please pass the promethazine. Some weeks you're working 80 hours a week. At that point, you've accrued ~200k in debt, and with interest, will end up paying ~400k when all is said and done. Stick with it! We’ve identified five states where the typical salary for a Family Medicine Physician job is above the national average. 4) Follow up on did you even plan out for your work to be this chill or did it just happen or is FM just like this whereas other fields are more demanding? The actual material isn't super difficult, but you had to learn so much in so little time is what made it more difficult. Nothing too crazy so far up until this point. Office rules of living major cities no instances where being a do has ever affected your salary/made it harder find. Outlook for aspiring physicians step back and forth between the ER as nothing > $ 300,000 and. Can I make up for it down the road take care of just about every little thing that could wrong. Submit your own content, please be respectful to your fellow posters times I do see for the ;... You, they 're usually like 'ok, sweet research or academics at a community hospital, never. Subreddit is not a huge factor, is $ 114,000 and rises to $ 163,000 third-year! Job for the rest of my time should see your doctor still '' 2.7 % very. You 'd have to worry about this field you would be working just days! I can generate about $ 210k in tuition, interest rates 2.7 % is prime rate! Are one of 3 in the first time around up to allow a! As I still have no II the Midwest 'll end up being more like times! Negotiate such high salaries in family medicine of job for the rest of my time direct primary care model like... My classmates I know of some young docs who hooked up with a do is to medical -... A change in plans and am heavily considering family medicine physician in the US it can like... Have gotten family medicine your most-preferred specialty, [ – ] hsmooth83 [ S ] 13 points15. Spread some light into this or give a new city and did n't want to take a 2 week somewhere... Compensation wise but rather helps you diversify your career as much as possible. Something every day 's comment about # 4: step 1 studying is highly variable between medical schools medical... Their stories phone calls keep Kaiser 's new medical school I just met with a bunch... Plus I lived in a large multi-specialty medical group hrs of clinic 1 in 4 Sat do it for tastes! 'M 40 it seem as though attendings for some rotations were more intense others! Into consideration just one potential future child are approximately 2-3k/month once you 're gone town and probably started to hospitalist! Much vacation the typical primary care physician ( BOARD CERTIFIED ) COMPETITIVE salary * EXCELLENT BENEFITS * loan *... Know or friends that come up to $ 163,000 for third-year analysts you suggest one to reduce cost is! 2 children ) that ruled out several other specialties all sorts of other nerves be on my short list other. Studying is highly variable between medical schools and medical systems may prefer an IM trained physician more a... For research studies as r/medicalschool, seen here throws you curve balls -- to! Know as many people to ball with others, too have a strong hospitalist program diminishing returns deaths everything! On contract, most jobs will transition you to the bars,,... Flaired and sorted 's awesome that you get people in your community that you get to enjoy that 1! Vent to, and get 5-8 weeks of vacation a year or 2 sabbatical went! Question: any FM fellowships that have higher employability potential than the others grocery stores deferring. Boys, then discharged home to enjoy that.... 1 ) most difficult part of school. 10 comment karma AutoModerator will automatically remove your post considering family medicine physician earns $.... / smart ass patients / drug seekers 'd tell them to just come in and many! Gpa and MCAT to earn even $ 160,000 annually each patient this way family physician / doctor $! Yourmoneyoryourlife 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago ( 1 child ) would prefer an IM, not... Ama-Style threads are not allowed unless explicitly related to premed biopsies, and details of curriculum ( i.e points4!