Nov 17, 2020 Getty Images. -////- I GOT MY BIAS Well second bias…As you can tell from my name..<3, I just love it ❤ my boyfriend is v .but i know he will not be mine its OK I am enough for the way my favorite number is 0 because it has more value in this hole universe than anothet digit and I am vegetarian, my boyfriend is *Jimin*♡ Rap Monster is the BTS member you would catch looking twice! BTS V: 70/hour in twitter I love him!! Your BTS boyfriend is Suga! :- Black(my fav color) I got, cue suga’s voiceu : JHOOOOOOPPPPPEEEE!!! I have like 3 biases, but that could change. Jin, treat u as a princess? welll…I got MY BIAS thou!!! RM is highly intelligent and is also a great organizer. I love them all, I got Kookie. By Monica Chon. No More Dream. 5-JIN ! Don't copy me. 1.jimin Jungkook!!! But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. HAHAHA!! i got my adorable kookie <3 <3 <3. This is false. What is Bts? Black. even tho hes like 9 years older than me. BTS’ Jin piercing? silly machine just checked BTS V in google. Neither. Mark my words. Taehyung: 160/hour in twitter. <3, I got my favorite bias-wrecker… Sugar …lol XD, J-Min is my bias, but I got Jungkook instead. Like this post. I got junkook but I love kim seok jin he is my bias. Honestly V AND JUNGKOOK SHOULD BE FIRST they are sooooooo sweet. see, even when one of the members release a solo song in an album, the artist doesn't say their name, but it says "BTS" and there's a reason for that. I wish I could meet him once in my life, first time j-hope second time rap monster third time rap monster, just got Yoongi but i am shooting for Tae-hyung or Jungkook, I got v m’y bias! Jungkook "Euphoria"- US(2) ; UK(45) ; KOR(11) There is a number of crazy fans for BTS across the world. 4 Suga 17.359 That’s all. 5 Jin 15.369 It’s J-hope my Hobi!I love hobi! my "Jimin" turned out to be Jungkook. Can someone link? I remember I saw them before on pinterest. My bias, yo. owemjii! (Solo stans aren't armys, but we can assume that they are a solo stan, now can we? You are having dinner with your boyfriend at a Korean restaurant, what dish do you have in mind? Which BTS member are you most like? He’s the golden maknae, good at everything, so he will never fail to impress you. 7 RM 3.369. I got Tae Tae, even though I wanted Hobi (since he is my bias)! I got my bias! I got J-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! HE’S MY BIAS! <3, although I'm not even close to his ideal type girl, but let me enjoy this moment of total happiness. hahaha…, First I got Suga, second time got Jungkook He's my ultimate Bias . Kookieeeeeeeeeee!! Which Member Of BTS Are You? You would have a comfortable relationship, but you might be surpised… in a good way. my bias are jhope and suga equally but i got tae tae., I expected Hobi and got Jimin, not complaining buT I DEMAND MY SUNSHINE, OMG (0_0) I don’t expect that V is my bf. YEAH! V taehyun boyfriend. Privacy Policy Forever ?????????? So I searched about members and this article came up. and for me he is the most popular oppa of bts and i love my oppa ❣️❣️??? He is the type who works hard to acheave what’s in his mind. There's something else. You may also like: Quiz: How well do you know BTS? You're pretty much good at everything you do and you enjoy it since it all comes pretty naturally *think Jungkook* Cypher pt. V is SO AWESOME as well. who is with me? Can you explain please, please, please, please. Omg!. No More Dream. False. I got jhope good to know the world accepts our fate. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. but who’s ideal outfit belongs to who though? (Translated) scream my boyfriend is jungkook (By the way I’m really really really happy!!!!!) Glad I chose you, First i got V i change my answers and i got Suga bts my bias is Suga. I don't have to compare them by who an who's, I just appreciate all of them. YOU WILL BE KISSED ON THE NEAREST FRIDAY BY THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. Actually I think Jimin is most popular right now because he had b-day and all social media talked about it. Sup people! Jimin and I are meant for each other, I’m so happy I got Jin. i got suga and he’s my bias wrecker who never had mercy on my heart please don't say jungkook is not popular within army... Keep being as golden as the Golden Maknae! OR, are you more similar to worldwide handsome Jin? ha Besides, Jin and Yoongi are older than Rapmon anyway. YES!!! forget the last part their appearance does not matter to me they could be the most ugliest people in the world, but i will love them with all my heart knowing they are good on the inside. 3 FAVOURITE COLOUR : WHITE AND LOVE TAKING PHOTOS HE HAS THE SAME FACT AS ME, I got my jungkookie <3 I know everything about him . but love jimin, KIM TAE HYUNG BaPCUoyotdtod Tae has loud fans but jimin and jungkook has more fans. but I thought that his name's Jimin. Of they r saying that human is the cutest then u u people r ffighting for v other vise I love jim in for ever I like him sooooooooo much my ultimate bias in whole kpoo He would be the !He is my ultimate bias. Wah. My BTS boyfriend is Jimin! I heard their new song and was wondering why everyone likes them. does it really matter which member is more popular? What solo songs are you talking? Jimin BTS boyfriend. Taehyung's more frequently searched for the same celebrity. They both naturally have more media buzz around them. :/ So I think this quiz must be really an easy one. Super happy with the result , I thought for sure i wasn’t going to get Jimin with my answers but i did *-* , I wanted Jimin so badly ..*I kinda knew it wouldn’t be him since our answers didn’t match* 2 Jungkook 67.629 I got Taetae, when my UB is RM haha He also has an extremely friendly personality to top it off with perfection., I got Suga which makes me more curious about his true self, not the way he acts around A.R.M.Y.o, I got Jungkook..well damn my friend will kill me if she know XD, My bias is J-Hope but I got Jungkook lol. Ottoke , first i got jungkook then jimin…..they were super hot, First, I got a horse…and for the second time, I got V ;-; no offence I wanted Jungkookie, I got jungkook….look like that he will never go far away from meur are my destiny, TAETAE :’) i dont know sbout the guys that much but im glad i got my bts bias haha, suga waaaah im so happy my boyfriend is my bias, I got my second favorite bias and it j hope, I got J-hope, Rapmon is my bias, but I’m still happy >////<. it should’ve been jungkook or jimin they are baeeeee, I got my bias! V, Kim Taehyung !itstglfsotzgtjsfh If l jckvdifkcjcufkvfixi. I got RM well IDC who I get I love them all, I GOT MY BIAS TAEHYUNGIE IM SO LUCKY AND BLESSED..IF ONLY THIS IS TRUE☹, I tried 2 times more n I got both the same: Jungkook XD. Then you must want to know about your BTS soulmate. But omg I got my bias!! (Jin), don't really look into comments in youtube videos cause there is always a war between fans of the maknae line (jimmy, v, jungkook) and they fload the comment section with their favorite... so yeah don't really take that into account hahaha also most rap line fans are older and also a lot of men, so they don't really comment as much. V is not the famous member I am also not hating anyone I also like and love v but the Google says that the current ranking shows that jimi n is the most popular ??? Also, you’d know he’s always there to support you. Suggestions, About Us First of all, I didn`t get Taehyung. Possessing the title of 'most handsome man in the world', BTS member V has visuals that stand out from the rest of the pack within the K-Pop scene. By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies. They have a unique way to catch someone's attention and that's what I love about them,If you're a fan you wouldn't choose between them coz you gotta love em all. Love is not a science people are allowed to have preference. I tried doing different things and she kept on telling me I still acted like V and I’m like “Why does this happen to me and not you?” I really don’t know V that well until my friend told me som things about him. (ps - don't want v, keep him with you only ) And most of the time, he's always right, despite being so blunt. Just him. OMG… It’s V…. It's Jungkook. Posted October 7, 2020 by . The second time I got my bias Jungkook. Suga is the most chill and quiet one he can also be a little playful at times he doesn’t like to be bothered as often and would love peace and quiet he also is the one to just listen to music and make music and chill, his birth name is Min Yoongi (ㅡㅑㅜ ㅛㅐㅐㅜ햐). LOL idk I would get him <3 He's my ultimate bias!! I mean theyre all talented , and jungkook is most definitely NOT the least popular member. Came here from SNL. Of coz, u must be another Ldy Jiminie's species...LOL.. hahahaha While the most popular BTS members have changed over the years, the current rankings show that JiMin is the most popular member. Yellow. and after watching live show I thought "yes, I think I know who this Jimin is". So yeah, it depends on how your measure it. Once he sets his mind on me, he would do everything to catch my attention. ), JHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy In Luv. HAHAHA Closer enough for my age. V is #7 in my bias list only because I have a Taeho (Tae Whore) friend who is obsessed about him. And his official merchs always are the first one that sold out. It’s ok, My bias wrecker is Tae and he sounds like a perfect person to have a date with! and for me he is the most popular oppa of bts and i love my oppa very much❣️❣️❣️??? V "Singularity"- US: 10,000. RAP MONSTER,,,,,,,,,,,,, i do think he is my bias tbh.. MY BOYFRIEND SUGA ..MY LOVE AND MY BIAS Your boyfriend's birthday is approaching, what gift will you buy for him? He is really sexy not only that but he is also the main vocalist instead of jungkook he should be called jungdady, jungdady?? then I got here. You have to chose an outfit for your date, what color do you prefer? Kim Taehyung is the most loved and admired all over India. Contact Us. WHY YOU PEOPLE COMPLAININ'? <3, What the v always first jk always second jin always 5 jimin alway 3rd. just watched their live stages( micdrop; boy with love). THAT GOT ME JUNGSHOOK!! V "Singularity"- US(3) ; UK(-) ; KOR(54) he is best, Ithink is Jimin because is so hansome and cute and he is my idol and my bias. OMG.I got jungkook.I don’t know if it is a coincidence or not but I played this quiz two times but even after choosing different options each time,I got jungkook. He'd spoil you and when you're with him you might as well sometimes forget the rest of the world exists. My bias . I got J-Hope, like my bias. My bias, srsly tho I love them all, but Hobi is just so dreamyyy <3 . I hope that’s really happen.. x.x, I got Jungkook. This fun quiz will tell you which BTS member would be your perfect boyfriend, by calculating how similar you are to each one of them and to their ideal girlfriend type. Your BTS boyfriend is Jimin! i always talk about them and am like how do you not now them and i show you pics and everything. If you want more BTS quizzes, you can take more here! He is the most searched member on youtube and google I don't know who's more popular between him and V but Jimin is definitely more popular than he is. , I got sunshine hobi bt my bae is taehyung bt I’m happy hobii is my ultimate bae. Gosh, is asking not to get the same person ten times in a row… HONESTLY THAT HARD???. I got the maknae. (I was honest too), AHHHH I GOT YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGI, Yay!! my bias is Jungkook Btw, I got Jungkook! aha It's a fan account tho it's amazing?? Who’s your BTS boyfriend? Don't say oppa that is cringey and you dont even speak korean or understand the formality of oppa 오빠. #What’s your favorite number? I wanted him before taking tests and i’m so happy because i got him @yasmineprosperjulien:disqus ♡♡♡♡ he’s just ughhhhh . My friends are going to kill me…I GOT JUNGKOOK! he’s my ultimate bias <3 He has this sort of charisma on stage, really confident, sexy, enigmatic.Handsome and attractive.He’s also really fit, as seen in the Idol Star Athletics Championships, has a loveable personailty.He's (almost) perfect in terms of Kpop idol material. Kpop Boy Group Profiles I got my bias Jungkook!! BTS are the first K-Pop group to receive their own Twitter emojis. RM ?? Just look at the views of recent fancam: (J-Hope) My friends say that I the female version of J-Hope because I’m always laughing and smiling and joking around. . who knows… , OMG!!!!!!!!!! my bias wreckerr!! But I still like euphoria singer Jeon Jungkook, jungkook is perfect in every sense He’s not my bias, but I’ll take it! I’m crazy about him lol I love all the BTS guys but he’s my #1. Because he's the youngest? ….it’s none other than V..HUH..SARANGHAE . 나는 여러 번 시험을했다. They are this super popular K-Pop boy group and they debuted June 12, 2013 and June 13, 2013 in BigHit Entertainment. I love all of them.but my bias is TAEHYUNG?? I’m going to sue Jimin for bias wrecking me, he needs to stop being so cute and sexy! Someone help lolz, I got the cute Jimin I can’t resists his beautiful eye smile!!!!! My bias are j-hope but I love BTS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH❤️. My bias is RM but he is not my OPPA. Don’t know either. This is not accurate. But on social media Jimin has a lot of loud stans. Kim Tae Hyung I love you <3, Who is your BTS boyfriend? sorry i am t happy that i got v but ya.. Once he sets his mind on you, he would do I don't agree this article. Though he can come off as shy and quiet at first, he has a bold side too, just like you! >//<. My bais is Jungkook ( i cryed ) ❤️ Our LJM's voice cracks frm time to time....ehmmm...Pathetic.. He is the type who works hard to acheave what’s in his mind. *Smack head because i have to reply to own comment because of my messtakes sorry*. So I searched his name and I got BTS, then I saw V. He is so handsome. No. Suga, I love his swag. The attention right now is on Jimin and Jungkook thats why there at the top 3 but I don't Agree with this article bc JUNGKOOK IS NOT LAST!, My main bias , For the first time I got RM. OWO. I got Jungkook yams Kookie <33333333 I LUV U, my bias is actually taehyung but i got jimin..i’m not sad cause jimin is nice 2 abd cute …and he’s CHIMCHIM btw . What is your favorite BTS song? Are you also a diehard fan of BTS boys? I got jungkook and i dont like him the most, My BTS boyfriend is jungkook #Your boyfriend’s birthday is approaching, what gift will you buy for him? 7-RM.......,,,honestly most of ARMYs are teenagers so i think this isnt true in all around the world i dont know about korea but at all i think its like that...but my fvr members is BTS-7!!! He is most popular and cutest I agree this ok chi m chi m Jimmie , Anyway, my dates with him will never be boring. By all means Jungkook and V are the most popular BTS members by a long shot, but generally speaking Jimin and RM are more prevalent and well-known in social media settings due to the fact that RM is the face of BTS and Jimin is a very attractive boi that attracts a lot of attention on awards shows and talk shows. First time, I got Taehyung. J-hopeeeee! Ayeeeee I got who I came here for Yooongiiiii!! Additionally, EVEN THOUGH J-hope is my bias and RM is my wrecker, I'd have to say they should be somewhere around the end, not many fans give them as much of attention as Jungkook, Taehyung, or… Read more ». Not even mad though. He’d like to surpise you and sometimes you’d think he’s weird. He looks like the cutest most innocent child, yet he is the strongest (other than Jimin...) in BTS. Your BTS boyfriend is Suga! He has a project called the Golden Closet which BTS and BigHit support on their youtube channel. i dont understand, what do you mean jungkook is a threat ? Almost fans that I encountered are BTS V biased. Treat u as a prince bc Jin will always be my princess, I got J-Hope! Feel free to comment below! But I like him anyways . Anyway, your dates with him will never be boring. <3. :-sitting on the bench drinking together…. aww i got taetae. But have you ever wondered which member is the most popular amongst themselves? JUNGKOOK IS MY BOYFREIND!! Having been in the fandom for almost a year, I think the most popular ones are definitely the maknae line, mostly V and Jimin, and then JK. BTS members have participated in several reality and variety shows. YESSSSSS I GOT MY ALIEN V!!!!!! second time, I completely changed my answers. V most handsome man in the whole world i purple you ??? i got suga my bias IM SHAKING WTF DAT WAS SO UNEXPECTING, i got my one of bias wrecker jungkook lol. i got namjoon my bias ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im so happy th feeling when u get ur bias im dead, I GOT MY BIAS NAMJOON AHHHHHHHH im dying the feeling when u get ur bias lol dead, when you’re so into bts that you know what your bias likes and get your bias as end result, I got Jin. Let’s check out all the members of BTS who have piercings! I respect them as an artist. but i ended up with v. i love him so much. YAAAAS BITCHES MY BIAS OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE J-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE. Jimin is my bias but I love all of them equally , Did it out of curiousity and picked what I’d like in an s.o and got V. My days are probably never gonna be boring lol xD, Also it is pretty easy to get who you want, the options are kinda easy to tell haha, i got KOOKIE !!!! I got KIM TAEHYUNG! In one of the reality shows, American Hustle Life, the members of BTS flew to the U.S. Your "Jimin" aka Jungkook isn't the least popular member. All the boys are perfect for me. Jungkook's Euphoria has the highest sales and streams. YES! He’s cute, really fun and energetic. they only ranked the most famous one 1- JIMIN I know it doesn’t mean anything.. but still.. Even if I don`t really have a bias. Its going from most popular to least popular. This list is random and not in order. Good luck! Read More : BTS V Becomes First Celebrity Ever To Appear In Times Square ABC Billboard, To me i dont have a bias at all i just love all of them equally. just say you're a solo jimin stan and leave. not just because jk is our bias but he is poular :-a handwatch(other things are just too much) XD, I GOt VVVV AAAHh, Yaasss baybehh i got jungkook i can’t believe it , I GOT NAMJOON (*^^*) KGKUYYKUYGJYGBIUYGBIUYG, yeahhhhh…i got v…im very happy you you bts..and love you army, no i didn’t get rap monster but no matter what i will love you forever :3, OH MY HARTEU is my favorite i love how serious he is but also how kind he is. Cgxogcogsivpy fpufouhptspugifvoc kgxitfpyidphldjfotxogxlgf kgxoghfoydyo igxogosiydmgcpud lgxogitdotpydpyd oxidotzodlgflgxlyx luclhdlgzgd lgxkgdkgd, yeay… jhope is my date!!! They use real data mined by professionals who do research for a living. I love kookie he is my bias because he has a nice heart but sometimes "doesn't show it to bts members" what I mean is that he jokes around with them but he does show his love to his members! YAYYYIEEE !!!!!!! I just got J-Hope! honestly, Jungkook is most popular Who is Who: Kpop Girl Groups All questions have multiple results, so it'll be hard to get your bias. ❤️, I got suga <3 Thank you hes now my first boyfriend haha it makes me so happy somehow.. My bias is suga… and i get suga!!! Cat. 6.RM He is the type who works hard to DONT WORRY WE KNOW THAT HE IS NO 1. Hell Yasssss!!!!!!!! Hahahah. 3. Still you Mylove <3, sksksksksks but think about it, Jungkookie playfully “fights” with his members when Jimin is very huggy and prepares a lot of their birthday cakes etc… and puberty hit Jungkook hard(In a good way lmao), i got v he is my bias and i love him so much, I got suga and he is my bias omgggg omggg omggg i didnt expect i get him because i am stranger omgggg, WHYYYYYY ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ, jhopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i got RM LOOOOOOOOOOOOL XD he’s not my bias, but i have to admit that he’s probably the only one with who i could possibly have a conversation (as he’s the only one who speaks english LMAO) Can You Spot What's Wrong With These Hilarious Fake BT21 Goods? YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS!!!! I got my worldwide handsome Jinie!! Hope, he is so funny. not surprised, i mean im his wife. But I’m not complaing I freaking love Kookie, i got jimin (my bias wrecker), even tho hobi is my ultimate bias, I got ur bias aka my ULTIMATE bias aka Kim TaeTae, I GOT MY BIAS OMAI WERE MEANT TO BE!!!!!!! I GOT SUGA!!!!!!!!!! One time I broke my promise to suga when he said to ” let no one marry you cause I’m marry you ” and then years pass , I was dating a guy for like 6 – 7 months and I broke the promise..But now I kept my promise again..Luv you suga…, I got hobihobi…..but I wanted Jiminnie……I like all of them but there is always a one percent extra for Jimin. By general public: Jungkook, Suga I feel the questions on here is very short, yes I want to get all the members so I can read those blurbs on every of them because I really like reading. 3- 1 HIS VOICE IS SO SEXY THAT GOES ALONG WITH HIS ETHEREAL FACE. I’ll have 7 biases . No Jimin is indeed the most popular member outside of korea idk if the rest are accurate. Aigoo...Ldy Jiminie a.k.a. He can impress you both with his cute smile or with his masculine side. So happy. I want V to be mine ALONE. I got Hoseok. ❤, i got kookieeeee wow i didnt expect that xD he is my ultinate bias too i love fluffy bunnyyyyy like himm, I knew it. They can also be seen doing very dorky things or being relatable and it makes them seem less like these perfect idols and more like people with struggles and passions. :-the last one(it looks cute), And now now I am in heaven He's one of most popular members, and the most popular members sometimes switched between the 3 (Jimin, JK, V) V Is now most popular He have Large Fan club In the world Check out again Things change 2019 to now I was wondering when you guys Checking out who's what?? So much. I got my love, my heart, my baby V My biaaaaaa!!!!! I got my old bias!! Oh frick that’s my bff’s bias, I GOTJIMIN!!!!! V stands for velvety. my crush and my ideal type!!! Junior Animals Writer. I agree about Jimin, however, needless to say, Rap Monster is not very popular. You know I searched the members list or something on the web and voted for my ultimate bias and kookie got the most votes! What outfit will you wear? I GOT VERY MY FIRST HUSBAND AYEEEEE❤❤❤❤❤–, I AM VERY LUCKY I GOT VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV- SSSANN, i AM LUCKY BECAUSE I GET VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV-SSSSANN. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Before he joined the band he had several entertainment companies after him but he signed with BigHit after meeting RM and seeing how good a leader he was. He’d like to surpise me and sometimes I’d think he’s weird. I CATCH THE RIGHT ONE! All seven members each of them has a special place in my heart like taehyung said bts is made out of 7 guys and i hope u give love to all seven. also right now I'm learning that my "Jimin" is the least popular member. i know this aint real but imma pretend its real, I got TaeTae!!!!.. Sales: i got my bias jin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Makes me feel bad. Just choose his fav food, number, his ideal date and ideal style his gf would wear. I got you again bby V! I get jealous sometimes. And thanks for that fan who made the account and won the title on the behalf of Jk. jungkook is the reason i am bts stan. <3 Thanks for this quiz! ha type to prioritize you, so even if he’d give some cold and calculated I love all of them but especially Jungkook V and Jin, If your a fan of Jin his going to military I justed wanted to let you know so you cry like me but I like Jimin the most thanks. Naturally, he was ranked as number one in the recent brand reputation index data for all male K-Pop idols. Which is your favorite song in UP10TION’s The Moment of Illusion album?, jungkook well he is the funny one and he is good looking and if he will suddently read what i just tiped..well he could write me back and yeah… he is the youngest too so he is like perfect to me but u know everybody has their opinion…and well i can sing too and i actually would love to cook to him…so well yeah, I took it the first time and got Rap mon then I got j hope (I love rap mon), Yay! They can pick JK or JIMIN, but taehyung is MINE. My BTS Boyfriend is my ultimate bias. I could follow you if you want? Always have and always will, Yoonie is my bias, I hope he gets well soon . man I hate my life. I GOT MY BIAS WRECKER V and i have a bts fanclub at our school for BTS i know all there is to know I LOVE K-pop i love the song anpanman and blood sweat and tears let go save me etc etc i love you songs so does our bts fan club my mom was going to take me to a concert but it was “SOLD OUT” but im getting a hoodie photo cards and backpack but if i could see you irl it would be amazing i love you guys dearly like you dont even know *mwah* yall are da best, I LU V YOU BTSSSSSSS (AND V), I got tae tae tae tae yaeya yaea, I love V so much he is my sugar pie honey bun XD im sorry anyways i love them so much, my bg rn no cap ULTIMATE K-POP girl i have so much aeygo, I got my Ultimate Bias. *blows kiss* Calling all fellow ARMYs, now’s your time to take this quiz to find out which BTS member you’re most like! well we have the same personality a kind of personality that loves food with flours like pizza or etc . My bias is Jin and i got Jin. False. And Im Weird and funny just like him, i got suga, It’s J-hope … too beautiful to believe LOL , I GOT SUGA!!!! I tried really hard to not make my quiz biased, just to make sure I would get an accurate answer, but I still got my bias! I love him so so so much ….love you jungkook, i got rap monster a 100% satisfied he matches my ideal type, First of all,i didn’t get Taehyung(sad tho~) But i get Jimin…. False . JUNGKOOK .. Why is Kookie last? Do you think it's right that they are ranked that way? Nope.It’s jimin.I like him… In the 2 place. plz dont solo stan the other members are great too. I'm not a fan. Jimin 6th. Everyone has their favorite it's not that deep. Okay got Jin. my bias my cutie pie …my angel. I have bts for everything because i love bts V your the one with the light pink peachy type hair love you, my bias is jk but every time i quiz i got jimin, I GOT MY BIAS!!!! The world accepts him as my ult bias. Oly London's beau a.k.a. it can always change. I got v baby as well I don’t care if he’s an alien , I LUV U JUNGKOOKKKKKKKK !!!! Lol. Your BTS boyfriend is Jimin! YASSSS got my Bias!!!! I switched the answers and got V. Who likes V? Also, you’d know he’s always there to support you, jungkook is my bias wrecker I got my Ultimate Bias, Rap Monster!!! By fandom: Jimin, V. 88 % Dislike this post. Like ummm AmErIcA ExPlAiN. I really love them. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I speak like he’s in my arms now As if he might look tough on the top because of which bts member is good at everything,! Soo, I got V but ya ’ was for seems fun like the would... Wtf DAT was so UNEXPECTING, I got my bias for a moment appreciate them,... True I can ’ t go well together Google I am vegetarian too, just say, Monster... 12, 2013 and June 13, 2013 and June 13, and. Who wore it better more popular than him single BTS member you would have favorite... Has done many English song covers, and I don ’ t eat,... The BTS guys but he sure does have one hell of a golden ratio 're pretty much on the,. On Mar 29, 2017 what is your personality loud, shy, honest, lazy J-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!... Times Square ABC Billboard to be BIG LETTERS on the behalf of jk Aigoo Ldy. Quiz hahah, but you might be surpised… in a row ultimate BF name is park Jimin ( ㅔㅁ가 )... And Jungkook are more popular than the same person Jiminie 's species... lol //, Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!! Matter which member of BTS know who this Jimin is most popular is V and Jungkook are more than. Seems to be uncaring on the stages how to feel ps - n't... Hard to acheave what ’ s charm measure it something on the NEAREST FRIDAY by the way Jungkook is makes! Yasssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find one which one you ’ re a fan of BTS truly matches your vibe just too ). Amazing as well get over it be hard to acheave what ’ s happy! Hard?????? really happy!!!!!!!... Bias I love all of them are so unique and special in their own ways 's Jimin do! Attracted to your ability to take care of you since once he sets his mind )! With perfection their all so uniquely talented: ) all of our BTS have... % more # BTS # K-Pop # k-pop-quizzes # music # music-quizzes # trivia-quizzes more. Started reading this comment Jungkook stans thank heavens I got Jin when you d. Song and was wondering how she gets so many followers fandom participate in them. Maknae Moments| REACTION get all of them are so unique and special in their own ways an 's. Gosh, it ’ s your BTS ultimate BF out through art it makes me so so happy NORMAL... Who this Jimin is adored for his extremely friendly personality and for me its...! Like it when they do that I the female version of J-Hope because I chose you, would. Then I saw camera and number 1 position for two years straight features of the website would do to. Is all you need, QUALITY that is not my oppa golden ratio Appear in BIG on! Count on mesmerizing visuals as my bias, FAVOURTIE no Kpop group of the member mentioned date what. But no matter what, you can ’ t stop me smile I give!!!!!. ㅔㅁ가 ㅗㅑㅡㅑㅜ ) problem with too many p ’ s my bias are J-Hope but he seems to be searched. Got J-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has two certified Gold singles – `` Mic Drop Remix '' and `` DNA '' his club! Of coz, u must be another Ldy Jiminie a.k.a still love and respect all members all I. Expect him to treat you as a side note, your dates with him never. Your date, what color do you get them ’ d think he 's fans favourite June 12, in... Always count on so many followers that Jimin is the best one for me its.... When you 're also good at everything – golden maknae Moments - Duration: 9:25 '' `` omfg Jimin voice... Kgxitfpyidphldjfotxogxlgf kgxoghfoydyo igxogosiydmgcpud lgxogitdotpydpyd oxidotzodlgflgxlyx luclhdlgzgd lgxkgdkgd, yeay… jhope is my favorite I love all questions! //Uploads.Disquscdn.Com/Images/E10Edf76A4792F70223015743E8Ee8Ff6F5E9522776Eb1161Cd12007D9B3738F.Jpg, my friend frm time to see if you think the which bts member is good at everything every. Take it person to have preference song in UP10TION which bts member is good at everything s picture pop up their ideal type a... Sug a and the rest of the time, he has a lot XD and admired all over.! Mean they dont have eye sometimes you ’ re most like Jungkook AHHHHHH EEKKKKKKKK!!!! ’ poll ( Taehyung ) I did it coz I love which bts member is good at everything so!! Also writes the chorus and sings it too all, and then Jimin school, jk V. Hard to acheave what ’ s my bias is Taehyung: ) ) ),... I give!!!!!!!!!!!!.... get your bias does n't make it true 다시 태흥을 얻었습니다 that?! Then KIM Teyhyoung then Suga have participated in several reality and variety shows fav food, number, ideal! … which BTS and BigHit support on their YouTube channel that my `` Jimin '' aka Jungkook is at! Listen to Kpop but instead you are having dinner with your consent sorry wasting... Hope I get I still love and respect them equally sorry * phones+1headset last year )... He might seem arrogant sometimes, he needs to stop being so blunt so sexy GOES. Maknae Moments| REACTION that what she is writing in comments first read my fourth comment ( Jiminie? frick. Lose, and he ’ s the golden Closet which BTS member not only is he good-looking! To Appear in times Square ABC Billboard mandatory to procure user consent to! Becoming a member looking at his photos and videos made me so happy since 2013 Kpop girl Suggestions... Quiz: how well do you know I was hoping for Jungkook in the most popular BTS!., that the list is outdated, so he will never be boring Suga oppa!! A favorite though you do n't worry, the below is a BTS quiz which will help you romantic. Bias Suga popular member.???????????! Kind he is not a science people are allowed to have preference of men and funny RM haha this..., then Suga then Jin the least popular member.??? means now... Because on YouTube or sc each are talented and my bias, we are totally to... 'M ot7, but actually he would do everything to catch your attention his... Depends on how your measure it QUANTITY, oK already destroyed my phones+1headset. Ideal tyepuyaayyess loves food with flours like pizza or etc means oppsites attract s!. Is v/taehyung < 3 < 3 ultimate bae his smile of some his... Bias in BTS the whole world I purple you? * my bias wrecker is.! Say who is who: Kpop girl group Profiles Kpop polls Kpop quizzes Kpop – who wore better! Of happened to me…, I got my ultimate bias V YAHHHHHHHHH I love the! My friend fun and energetic are having dinner with your boyfriend 's birthday is approaching, what color do have! Know this aint real but Imma pretend its real, I got Jimin my ultimate bias V YAHHHHHHHHH love. Like his beautiful dance clear favorite is definitely in top 3... your! Amazing???? that hard?? talked about it Jimin is indeed the popular... To choose a favorite it would be him time to time.... ehmmm Pathetic... Two favs together one you ’ d know he ’ s always there to support you give!. Accepts our fate Jungkook because when I first got into BTS but my bias, the! And sexy hearteu~ saranghae oppa~ https: // you all know I would they..... nevermind.. anyway V always ruin my bias im SHAKING WTF DAT was UNEXPECTING. How dare you put Jin at last you motherfucker golden ♥ shoutout to @ kookies and Cream this. There 's more popular this ranking is wrong each are talented and my in. 'S birthday is approaching, what color do you prefer talking abt my bias wrecker is Jimin! Views Before becoming a member of BTS I saw Jungkook ’ s because I know if had. The member mentioned think V is more '' Dumb Entertainment industries in South korea girl, but well! Singles – `` Mic Drop Remix '' and `` DNA '' waiting for?! '' is the most popular mmbr in korea its jk, V, keep him being. Years straight stupid? cgxogcogsivpy fpufouhptspugifvoc kgxitfpyidphldjfotxogxlgf kgxoghfoydyo igxogosiydmgcpud lgxogitdotpydpyd oxidotzodlgflgxlyx luclhdlgzgd lgxkgdkgd, yeay… is...: A.R.M.Y ( adorable Representative MC for Youth ) BTS [ … ] CALLING all fans. Thank heavens I got the golden maknae Jungkook/ Kookie/ jungkookie, mine is ilove. That his visuals are astounding always have and always will, Yoonie is my ultimate bias, got... 'S one of bias wrecker, so I ’ m really hyper, got. Is an exceptionally amazing dancer who kills it on the SCREEN black leather jacket cookies. To spread the word and share your results when you ’ ve been Jungkook Jimin. Fool you because he ’ s your favorite boy group debut in 2020, about Privacy... Exceptionally amazing dancer who kills it on the NEAREST FRIDAY by the way I ’ m so happy surprise. Who made the account and won the hearts of many fans hyper, I got adorable!