Immature people think that they’re different. Growing up with emotionally immature parents can make for a lonely and emotionally neglected childhood, which can have an affect into adulthood Clinical psychologist and author Lindsay Gibson explains the 10 signs your parent may be emotionally immature Psychotherapist By Megan Bruneau, M.A. Emotional maturity usually comes naturally, but for some people, this step of growth seems to have been missed. And if your goal is self-betterment and growth, it helps to be aware of the traits that are commonly signs of immaturity — that way, you can be on the lookout for them in yourself (and in others). 2. Psychotherapist. 9 Signs Of Emotional Maturity. Here are signs of you’re the emotionally immature one in the relationship. 16 signs of emotional immaturity When it comes to the symptoms of emotional immaturity, there are many of them, but once you see the whole picture, it will be easy to spot them. 4. 5 Signs of Emotional Immaturity. One unmistakable sign of immaturity is difficulty with commitment. They absolutely love the idea of being special. 9. “This is who I am, take it or leave it”. They require a lot of attention. Just identify the signs of emotional immaturity and try to figure out the best ways you can correct it. 10. Therefore, they may avoid or pretend to ignore when you bring up serious topics of conversation. Immature people act juvenile and childish because they’re actually hiding massive insecurity behind a shadow of egotism. Dealing with immature adults can be difficult and stressful. Kids have a hard time going without what they want at a given moment in order to achieve a more important goal in the long term. They haven’t taken the time to face their true selves, and keeping up the masks takes up all their energy. A child, or someone with emotional immaturity, often resorts to lying to avoid either real or even perceived conflict. Emotional immaturity can be due to a huge range of issues, and, while it’s easy to read this list and condemn your partner, it’s always important to consider the context. They may find it overwhelming to comprehend emotional experiences. Megan Bruneau, M.A., is a psychotherapist and wellness writer based in New York City. A person who isn’t able to grasp the concept of negotiation is as difficult to deal with as a toddler – hence being an immature … The best thing about physical maturity is that it’s very easy to spot; we can so easily tell when someone has another decade of growth to go – and can therefore set our expectations, and our levels of forbearance accordingly. 13 Signs Your Partner Is Emotionally Immature. Children require attention for a number of reasons, but when a fully-grown adult needs to constantly be the center of attention, it speaks volumes of their emotional immaturity. Struggles to share or talk about their feelings: An emotionally immature partner may often not share feelings or talk about them. Emotionally immature people have trouble with commitment. This video answers the questions: What are the signs of emotional immaturity? 5. There may be some underlying issues that need to be addressed, or you may need to genuinely reconsider your relationship with them. Psychologists claim the biggest problem is that everyone is trying to present themselves in the best light at the beginning of a relationship, so it is hard to see his real maturity at that point. These are the words only an emotionally immature man would say during a fight with his woman.. So, if you’re looking to find out whether your loved one shows any symptoms of emotional immaturity, be sure to read on andI’ll tell you all the signs. Is emotional immaturity a mental disorder? But we have no such luxury when it comes to emotional maturity.