But in areas where natural/river sand is not available for construction, cement mortar plastering would require a 6 mm gypsum layer to finish it making cement plaster more costly. It has no cementing or binding properties but as a microscopically grounded, it reacts with calcium hydroxide to form compounds with cement properties. Sometimes the blend is called “slagment”. 3. This materials usually doesnt posses any cementitious properties, but when it is mixed with water or moisture or lime to undergo reaction with calcium hydroxide to form compounds possessing cement properties. The PSC is also called Blast Furnace Slag Cement because of its make.. … The clinker is cooled by a rotary cooler. Any error in this could cause durability problems. Slag cements that are finer than Portland cement will generally cause a slower rate of bleeding than concrete made with ordinary Portland cement. Portland slag cement is the most suitable cement for concrete paths, mass concrete uses, structures and bases, Pre-cast concrete, concrete open to seawater and oceanic use. Slag cement is commonly found in ready-mixed concrete, precast concrete, masonry, soil cement and high temperature resistant building products. I had practically used PPC cement in almost all projects. Slag cement is commonly lighter than portland cement. As the strength of this concrete gains slowly, curing process is very important. Pozzolana cement has very good resistance against sulphate attack hence is used in hydraulic structures, marine structures, construction near the sea shore, dam construction etc. The production of Portland slag cement is developed mainly for the consumption of blast furnace slag in a usable manner. The modules formed from the burning process called clinker. Difference Between OPC and PPC Cement Wall Tiles and Floor Tiles: What is the Difference? As the pozzolano materials are very fine, it can fill gaps between the reinforcement and aggregate , thus reducing the shrinkage, honeycomb formation and bleeding can be reduced, which in turn increases the strength and durability of concrete. Tel: +86-371-5663 6667 Portland Pozzolana Cement – Manufacture, Properties and Uses. What is Podium Slab, Its Functions, Advantages and Disadvantages? Disadvantages of Portland Pozzolana Cement, Applications of Different Cement Types for Concrete Construction. All Rights Reserved. Used in manufacture of precast sewage pipes. This applies to both manufactured blends, and blends produced in the mixer. Fly ash, silica fume, rice husk, blast furnace slag. Drying shrinkage should not be more than 0.15%, Initial strength of PPC is less but final strength is equal to the 28 days strength of OPC, PPC has lower rate of development of strength than OPC. Sign Up to The Constructor to ask questions, answer questions, write articles, and connect with other people. The specification of Slag Cement is given in the Indian Standard Code IS Code 455:1989, and it seems to be the colour of blackish grey. Fax: +86-371-6389 8989, Copyright © 2018 Henan Superior Abrasives I/E Co., Ltd. . Concrete will either expand or contract as a reaction to temperature changes (as do all materials, to some extent). Replacement level varies between 30% to 80% of cement. Low Heat Portland Cement (LHPC) is Portland cement with lower content of rapidly hydrating compounds, Tri-Calcium Silicate (C3S) and Tri-Calcium Aluminate ... gypsum and ground granulated blast furnace slag, which result in significantly lower heat generation during the process of hydration than in a typical Portland cement. All compositions produce high ultimate strength, but as slag content is increased, initial strength is reduced, while sulfate resistance upsurges and heat evolution moderates. If you were where I am, I’d suggest the first and most apparent disadvantage is that it indicates that you are not familiar with the terminology we use. In third phase , combination of GGBS and RHA is partially replaced with cement. The initial strength obtained is less, which effect the de-shuttering of supports early. While there are many applications and benefits of slag cement, a few are highlighted below and detailed information sheets are located here. In fine particle form, slag cement displays cementitious qualities similar to those of ordinary portland cement (OPC). LH,Email